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Natural Rubber (NR)


The Natural Rubber (NR) is the most usual rubber in the world, all synthetic rubbers have been developed from this rubber on.

The natural rubber is qualified as oil non-resistant, and with a performance temperature of 70º C. Both characteristics are not the most positive ones, but natural rubber offers other properties that make it irreplaceable, and they read as follows:

  • Excellent mechanical characteristics, compounds without load included, pointing out the tensile and tear strength.
  • Excellent resilience
  • Good compression set
  • Good resistance to low temperatures

On the other hand of these characteristics we must point out:

  • Lack of resistance to elements and ozone, reason why it’s necessary to protect it with anti-ozone and anti-rust products.

Concerning its use, the manufacture of mainly those large and competition tyres point out as per their hard performance conditions.